Trevor Pitching - Fall  2007


Trevor is a real baseball fanatic.  He likes playing this sport far more than any other sport. 

This past year, he began to take lessons and he has improve considerably.  This fall, he pitched every game for at least a couple of innings. Overall, he did very well.  Like most pitchers, some days he had his best stuff and other days he struggled. 

I began to take videos of him. We review the videos with his coach every Monday evening.  Since the league won’t let me place my ABC camera crew on the field for a multi dimensional view of every pitching angle, this is the best one I could come up with.  If you play this video slowly you will see a lot of very positive things.  A high leg kick, tight control, thumb down, the catapult (which a very important part) leg extension, and good follow through. 

At the end it was strike three !

Trevor The Pitcher