USSAA Warm Up #1


The Oviedo Thunder arrived to the USSAA State Warm Up tournament coming off wins against Melbourne and the Oviedo Blackhawks and our Thunder were up for the next challenge.

The Oviedo Thunder rose to the occasion and took third place overall.  Over the weekend, they went 2-2.  The two wins were against the Kissimmee Future Stars and Lakeland Golden Eagles.  The two losses were against the Clermont Outlaws and Avalon Park Wolves - each one won their respective division. Both of these teams have played together for 2 years and have played in multiple tournaments this year alone.

“Given our level of experience in tournaments , I was proud of how our team did.  We learned a lot about how to play multiple games in a single day - especially in much warmer weather.  In our victories, we all contributed as a total team effort.  In our losses, we learned that only a few plays can make the difference between a win and a loss. Consistent concentration is key,” remarked Coach Jim.

Overall, we had rock solid pitching by Trevor, Ross and Andrew.  Alex, Kenny, Brady, and Anthony, all contributed to the field with multiple plays as well as at the plate.  JP, Matthew, and Blake either moved their players around on the field or scored themselves.  Finally, Noah and Edmund (our resident speedsters) stole multiple bases and score multiple times !

The following photos are compliments of Curt Walters.

Thunder Take Third In USSAA Warm Up !